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tracking tasks

I think its easy to decipher where my time gets eaten up in a unproductive way. SOCIAL MEDIA! Even my own kids could watch youtube toy reviews for hours if I let them. It's ridiculous how time can be stolen from us and later we think man I'm tired... I wasn't present.. and ran out of time! I have plenty of hats to wear around my house and need to FOCUS. I think the reason I love photography so much is because it reminds me to focus on whats important. I get to meet brand new babies, and reminisce about the days of my babies. And meeting families that have so much love pouring out of them, And of course wedding days, the day two people become a family. But geez how do I get some time back in my day?

Tracking my time in business and in life has made a huge difference. Turn off those social media dings in your phone and maybe choose books over tv. Honestly, I'm not anti social media or tv (I love both) I just don't feel refreshed after either. I know it sounds crazy to set time aside for social media or tv but it works. It's like being on a time budget. And I love budgets! Wahoo conquer business and life today! And a glass of wine doesn't hurt either. 

(Ps Today's feature is the gorgeous Brady wedding from Thanksgiving weekend!)