Roxanna Sue Photos


my little family of cuteness

As a girl I loved the frilliest dresses. I actually think my girls inherited one of my traits. I was really starting to wonder if they were half me. It's crazy how a person just comes with their own personality. As parents you still like to think you're making some sort of great impression. (but seriously these photos of them dancing around makes my heart melt as their mom.)

So when my daughter was thinking about girl scouts, I knew it was something we could do together. Even though I was a girl scout for far to many years to admit-- yes I'm old-- I have learned even more being a mentor to these wonderful little girls. I didn't realize how I needed to become a better friend. They do such a good job of that. My oldest daughter is such a great friend to her younger sister that it makes me pick up the phone and call my own sister. I think its easy to become disconnected from what really matters in life and its good to have people around to remind you of those things. So if you aren't living by the girl scout law-- or don't even know what it is; take a look. It's your homework for the week ;)

>>>Oh and these photos were from before and during the Nutcracker Performance today, if you haven't been to the ballet lately: it's absolutely magical! Another highly recommended show!