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the fairytale ball columbus

If you haven't met my two girls, they are Disney obsessed. I think meeting princesses is high on the list of awesome for them. It's so much magic to be able to create moments like that in their childhood too. When I was asked to photograph the princess fairytale ball in Columbus I was obviously so excited! Pretty Princess Parties visited from Minnesota and they rocked Columbus:

Doing event photography is a lot of mixed lighting situations and emotions are high usually. It's comparable to a wedding reception. I love capturing all these lifestyle photos full of joy. The expressions of all the girls was so delightful. How could you not scroll through and love every single one? Try it, you can't. I want to add that you can even spot me in one of the photos with Ariel and my own daughter (we got to attend the last session & she's our absolute favorite). We enjoyed getting to meet all the energetic girls and LOVED all the singing (those girls can sing y'all!)! And if you missed it in COLUMBUS, later in the winter they are doing another fairytale ball in CLEVELAND!