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Happy Valentines

I read this quote the other day when we were talking about the history of Valentines day (yes the internet takes you down a hole into quotes lol): When we fall in love everything around us becomes more beautiful and appealing. Falling in love with yourself is no exception.

I loved that because it really is true. Every year I have major self goals and since last year was finding more balance (which hell yes i did!) .. this year was about enabling myself to have more perspective. And that meant even more perspective on loving myself. Why could other people love me so much and yet I was ignoring myself.

Self love improves your emotional and psychological state and I have been journaling, podcasting, and finding my way through that. The podcast ‘Mom is in Control’ which y’all know I love was about knowing when to stop and in essence was a lot about personal goals and self love too. If you guys have a listen I would love to know your thoughts.

I did this fun Valentine shoot for myself with my friend Rachel and it was just so good to feel good about myself and just do something creative. I can’t stress enough how much I’ve grown making a habit of carving out time for self exploration each day. It doesn’t always look perfect but its good. Growth isn’t comfortable people but it sure is making me feel more comfortable being me. Because you can’t be anyone else and God created YOU for a reason to be you. Sending out all the loving vibes and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!