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Why do we put so much on our own plates, figuratively speaking that is? It’s something that’s been heavy when I go into meditation. Meeting all these amazing seniors something they mention in some form is feeling overwhelmed and what the future may look like soon. I searched for podcasts on the subject and listened with intention. I literally took notes.

This constant need for more and to constantly be doing more had to have some emotional space and reasoning. I found some answers and things that applied directly to me too. I am still processing and trying to understand my own inner workings but does anyone else feel or wonder those things? (You guys know I love Mom Is In Control!) Staying out of the RED zone of life, of stress is major for me but I don’t want to use retail therapy to stay out of my own head. “Parenting is personal growth on steroids.” I want to own my feelings, be able to say sorry, and to be a role model for my children.

Figuring out what makes you feel joy is actually hard, a kind of Marie Kondo-ing of fun. But feeling overwhelmed sometimes you have dig for the fun and joy parts. When we become adults and have to do all the “adulating” we forget ourselves and cover up all the wounds with just stuff and more stuff. I’m not kidding when I say I made a list of things that used to be fun to me and I chose one thing to practice over and over until it was fun again. Feeling emotionally content and alive was a major number one for me this year. yes, still working on it. But y’all its working.

Talking to these seniors truly makes me feel so grateful for the person I’ve worked to become and I think its amazing how aware of themselves they are. Especially this girl. She was AMAZING. How she talked about her mom made me emotional actually. Beautiful inside and out.