Roxanna Sue Photos


Destin 30A

When we went to Destin in January I decided to just take a film camera. Which if you know me if unheard of. I had no idea these would be some of my favorite images. I took them all on medium format and I am going to start adding film with my full family sessions this summer too!

If you have been following my journey, you know my family has been contemplating moving south to warmer weather. I honestly had no idea we would spend months traveling to so many places discussing schools, homeschooling, healthcare, taxes, accessibility to museums, if we would miss seasons, will our kids love swimming, just ALL THE THINGS! Without a job market perpetuating a move, its been kind of hard to decide. Where would you move that would be best for your family?? Iā€™m not ruling out living out our best life in Ohio either. Tell me your thoughts in the comments below!