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What To Wear While Traveling

Are you a pajamas on the airplane or a high heels for life traveler? I’m a girl somewhere in the middle. Maybe its the mom in me but I kind of feel like workout gear is usually my go to when I travel with my kids. But the best things I’ve found that are for the times when I travel with or without my kids are these awesome Albion Fit pants! The blush ones are also my fave.

I usually wear a scarf of some kind that I also use to wipe of glasses and one for when my child sneezed hardcore and I didn’t have a tissue in sight. (Multi useful people lol!) Here’s one of my favorites!

And Victoria Secret just has some great plain sweatshirts. I’m into that though. Soft and basic colors because I like wearing accessories.

I also LOVE my Away Travel luggage so I had to link it. I mean the perfect blush! And follow this LINK and it’s $20 off!

Tell me below what your favorite travel go to’s are!