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Christmas has almost arrived

December 1st snuck up on us! It's the month of lights, colder weather, and Christmas trees. I try to come up with traditions for every holiday that makes it a Cooper tradition for the girls. I love that its the age of Santa & winter is still magical to them. As an adult, I get so caught up in the giving portion. Like I need to give everyone all this stuff? It's so silly. I want to teach them togetherness matters. God matters. Love matters. How we help others changes lives. Reaching out can be small; it can be a coffee or a brunch or a 5 minute discussion at a storefront. You have no idea what power your kindness can hold. How it matters. I want my kids to be a service to the world in kindness. December reminds me of all those things every year. No matter my busiest seasons, it stops me in my tracks and makes me reflect. 

So truth here: I love material things. I love Christ. I love being a blessing to others. I love treating myself. I think its totally possible to be into things and still be spiritual and kind. If your single, married, with or without kids-- be a light to others. Walk your walk, speak truth. Let love in.