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How Im a stay at home mother and a boss babe

When I meet other creatives in our current over saturated photo field and they are also successful role models and parents-- that's a BIG deal. (And if you see your photos below I'm also talking about you, YOU are a big deal.) How do you navigate becoming a mother, which in my opinion is so freaking hard; and also finding what you love, cultivating that, and becoming financially stable at that thing. Well its really hard. I don't think there is a one size fits all and we all find out own way but one current thing trends throughout: work! I don't even know if I could just chill for an entire day, my mind would explode. You think about the next thing and the next thing and so on. It's exhausting. You have to find a tribe of people who cheer you on and help you grow into a better you. 

For me that looks like supporting my marriage, listening when I feel down, telling me I CAN, and yes telling me over and over again Im a great mom. No one needs people around them tearing them down. No one likes to share their fears when they don't feel comfortable. I try to extend my ear and my heart for others to feel safe enough to share the good and bad-- because honestly we're all going through it.