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What should I wear for family photos

The question “what should I wear for family photos" gets asked pretty often. Even when my family goes to take photos I blank for a second. And honestly I don’t want to buy 4 people new outfits just for one framed photo. I totally understand that. I usually start with my most favorite outfit: my own! Next your spouse, then kids outfits should be easier. Plus buying a basic color shirt at Old Navy isn’t as daunting as buying 4 whole outfits!

-Don’t be afraid of color! Mints, pinks, all the colors are wonderful. Just stick to a color family.

Fun fact: I actually choose colors based on my house honestly, the colors I hang in my home. We’re a blue/green with mixed of soft pinks so I usually stick to those.

-Try not to wear clothing with writing on it. It’s just distracting.

-Avoid matching each other, ie. don’t all wear white t shirts.

-I’m all for a pattern but limit patterns. If everyone is wearing one then they are just battling for attention.

And if all else fails, send your photographer a quick snapshot in advance of the outfits laid out together. I promise we don’t mind chatting about choices!

Check out my pinterest outfit board too.