Roxanna Sue Photos



When we started our family we took a major break from traveling. Coming from military backgrounds both my husband and I had traveled a lot throughout our lives.
When we wanted to start traveling again we realized quickly all the baby things we had to take while traveling was easier when you were driving. And since I’m not a major fan of being in a car for more than 6 hours it limited where we would go.
In the last few years we have drove to Chicago, parts of Michigan, Pittsburgh, Philly, Gatlinburg and Nashville.
Strangely my favorite place was not what I would have thought it would be. I look back on PHILADELPHIA as one of my absolute favorite vacations with the kids.
I didn’t know how much history was really there, or how great the food would be.. and all within driving distance. We stayed in the cutest Airbnb but I will warn all that parking downtown was a beast. Especially in our larger truck.
That brings us to this mini vacation. We took a quick trip to Atlanta last month which was a breath of fresh air so this month we decided on Destin. It was one of the last Florida destinations I had never been to. And 30A is the cutest! I’m still waiting on some film scans from that adventure (sorry peeps but we flew there, that’s too far for this mama to drive.)! Instead I’ll post some of my FIRST FUJI FILM SCANS that I just got back from The Richard Photo Lab.