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Stress Away Oils & A Photography Conference

While I was on my way to Arizona for the Showit United conference I put together a list of all the things I struggled with business wise and realized it was stuff I was struggling with life wise. Please tell me other people fail at time management. I had all these slashes between my jobs that made me feel a little crazy. Wife/mom/cook/maid/photographer/military/planner: I mean the list just kept going and I wasn't managing one thing great. 

The first thing I had to do was admit I actually needed help. Then I had to enlist help. My husband and mother kicked in their time with the kids and helped clean. (ps coming home to a clean house after a 5 day trip was EVERYTHING!) I also made some new friends that taught some time saving tips for my business. I learned about the importance of turning OFF push notifications. Like seriously I was wasting 10 minutes of every hour with not batching things together. Instead of looking at my email every single time I got an email-- I now only check it 3 times a day and give myself time set aside to get those emails sent out. No more Facebook or instagram dings going off anymore either. I seriously feel free! 

Let's talk about today for example: I got up on my first alarm (which never happens) and went grocery shopping first thing with my toddler in tow. Batching all my errands after in a line of locations mapped out, I was killing it on time. I had time for a coffee (and lavender in the diffuser) with scheduling plans by 10am. And I even got to spend some time chatting with my bestie IN PERSON -- and got to FaceTime with my brother for more than 5 seconds. I dug a pointless hole with my Louisa and did extra Math problems with Josephine. I even got some editing done. I don't feel stressed and I feel empowered for tomorrow. Now I know this won't happen everyday but it sure feels like I won today at least. I mean my husband did get a hot dinner. We're all pretty happy & its MONDAY y'all. So go forth and conquer your stress-- whatever that looks like. I'll be rooting for you too.

*photos from my first day in SEDONA, ARIZONA