Roxanna Sue Photos


A midwest Ohio Photographer that loves to travel on film

I have been shooting digital for about four years but decided I wanted to learn more about film so what would any sane human do? Just go order a camera off eBay. Totally normal right?

Well fast forward 3 months and I'm still learning but wow in love. Best choice I've ever made. I have a small community around me here in the midwest that is also into film that is SO HELPFUL! I know photography can be hard since it's a business that can be over saturated. And we all ask ourselves, well how are we different? But there is only ONE YOU! And there are clients that not only look at your beautiful photos but also love YOU! 

I do wonder if people want film for their own sessions. I would offer film more but I can't decide if I should take that leap. The next step for my life and business is always scary. But I really do love it. That's important in any job. 

I added some photos below from my latest rolls of Fuji from Florida. I'd love to take more beach/desert film photos which is hard to come by in the midwest as an Ohio Photographer but even in Columbus we travel ;)


Also: FLORIDA! I went down there for 10 days with my family in a huge RV traveling all around the state meeting with realtors trying to decide if we wanted to move there. See-- my husband has bad arthritis already and we LOVE the ocean (both being divers and mega boaters that made sense) but honestly DIDNT LOVE Florida. You def get less community and beautiful historic anything for a run down strip mall feel. I mean yes, beaches amazing! But I have two girls to raise... was this really the spot for us? I think not unfortunately. (Goodbye Disney: I still love you more than anything!!!) So now we are back home and loving it buttttt WINTER IS COMING (and I'm not talking Game of Thrones here). What are the next casual life spots we are looking at? Phoenix!

So tell me all about Phoenix communities! I have only visited Arizona once and need more info. Stat! Thanks in advance ;)