Roxanna Sue Photos


From Palm Springs to San Diego

I kind of always knew I’d love the west coast but I was still unsure of what to expect. Everyone tells you its so different from the east coast and they were all right. Even the sea water smells way different.

I think I also expected the water to be so warm, people its not compared to that Florida life. But boy was the weather perfect. I now understand why there are a million things to do there because being outside all day is just lovely.

I even got the chance to see Imperial Beach where my Dad grew up. I’m low-key jealous of him now. Even the hotel where he worked (Hotel Del) was beyond cool. LUCKY! I will always love Ohio but not for weather reasons HAH!

We got to meet up with with my cousins too which was long overdue. I’m pretty thankful no matter how far away they are still like an old friend. I also am glad I got to get a cool Hansen surfboards shirt. I can add that to my Roxy Quicksilver pile.

Whatever coast travel is always a good idea!

PS- peep those photos of the SAN ANDREAS FAULT LINE! I still can’t believe how it cut that huge rock in half. Between the earthquakes and water wars coming to California I think visiting from afar is still more my style. I do enjoy visiting though— THE COOPERS WILL BE BACK CALI!