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first looks

I've been asked how I feel about first looks and I always think its still a preference. Meaning I can tell you great reasons to have one. But also respect the wait for the official march as well. I can tell you my reasons to do one though:

1. You'll get more time for more photos! That's obviously a great thing!

2. You'll get to spend more time with guests and enjoying the wedding you planned!

3. You get to spend some quiet moments alone with your soon to be just taking in the enormity of the fact you will become spouses that very day! 

#3 is the most important to me, which is why I step away after the initial photos so you can have a moment together just being like "holy moly were about to get married!!!!!!" I love that moment + having experienced it with my husband on our wedding day it was pretty powerful. 

*Remember its your day and your traditions that I want to capture-- I want to hear from you to get exactly what you want! More moments, less posing ;)

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