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a birthday party for my own

I still can't believe I have two children sometimes-- let alone one of them (the youngest) is three years old now! As a parent you talk in future tense a lot and then BAM its happening. And yes you hear that often but thats because its true. I think I thought I'd be a super strict, no iPads type. Granted I still don't let me kids sleep in bed with me (mostly because my husband says no haha) but I'm fine with an hour or two of tv and I honestly think chicken nuggets are its own food group anyway. We're active and spend tons of quality time together learning about the world and whats important-- so I don't need to be over the top. 

There was a time in Josephine's childhood (as a wee baby) that I thought I would be making decisions and rules on my own. And most of what I decided is still law in our house but a lot of things changed when I had a partner who thought about life so differently. And its not even about how we were raised. Its how he views people, and successes, and being a contributing person in this world. Luckily we're opposites in most strengths and weaknesses. And I may act tough but I would be lost without such a steadfast individual. Love this family of mine.