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behind the scenes

Today I want to talk about behind the scenes of shooting a wedding because we see the final product of photos usually and not all of the 'what goes into' the photo parts. Like movement of a dress-- (every fabric even photographs differently). I've second shot with so many different photographers and every single one has their own style. It's important to also know what your Bride + Groom need from you too. Some people like a lot of direction, with posing and some don't like it at all. I always get moms hugging me a ton for some reason so I think I'm the kind of person who is really aware of everyone around me and I want to make that work for YOU. If I see small moments like a sister tearing up over a first dance, I know moms will love those photos too-- I totally appreciate when they notice and hug me too ;)

Even second shooting I'm the girl seen tapping my feet to music, shouting hellos to everyone I meet, and I may even do a couple tumbles to get the perfect shot (or a laugh!). Over many weddings I have met so many great people to shape the way I take photos now and I promise to give you the best experience! I wanted to blog some photos from a wedding I actually second shot! I got the chance to hang out with the guys (which a second shooter usually does) and it was so much fun! This couple was absolutely adorable trading gifts and letters too:

Venue: Boat House at Confluence Park