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choosing a wedding venue in columbus

Let's talk wedding locations: how do you pick yours? I think most everyone would say they start with a budget. You can't choose prices until you make a list of everything wedding and set a budget for everything big ticket. Things such as guests food, cake, PHOTOGRAPHER ;), attire, dj, etc. It's definitely okay to call venues and ask for a real price breakdown upfront. You don't want to pine over a place you can't afford OR miss out on a venue that is perfect of you! 

Tip: Not choosing a date beforehand, instead a month or a season will set you up to get a YES from a venue!

Do you base your decision on the needs of guests, location, simply aesthetic of the venue, or something completely different? I'd love to hear more of what YOU think! Ps, here's a beautiful wedding at Brookshire (which I'm so glad the weather was pretty for an outdoor ceremony!):