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choosing disney over other vacations

 I get that its a money commitment and thats BIG. We all know theme parks are pricey but the best ones are always going to be even more. So having a plan and sticking to a budget helped us make our Disney dreams come true. 

 For all those non Disney enthusiasts out there (whyyyyy) I'm going to tell you why it's not that bad. First off, its by far the cleanest park I've ever been to. I'm all about clean bathrooms and restaurants too. Secondly, the lines aren't that awful-- if you plan ahead with fast passes and have the app you won't wait in line but 15 minutes for rides. And I have some good ideas for things for the kids to do in those in-between times: like play-doh works wonders, or the Heads Up! App is awesome. You can def pack small things for them to focus on instead of the wait. And always plan ahead for restaurants. That really made our trip. I had it mapped out where we would stop for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and could tell my husband up front what to expect for the wait and menu. Be a true wizard and know it all ;)

I also think the thing I didn't like of everything was the buses. Yes they weren't awful and the wait times varied ALOT but I would choose a resort with a monorail. It's worth it in my opinion. As far as hacks by park I'll leave that to another post. But seriously think of giving Disney a chance-- the staff is helpful and the rides are worth the money. What are some other things you want to know about Disney to make your trip even better??