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why knowing your bride and groom before the wedding matters

So I want to clarify what I mean by "know", knowing what kind of photos your bride and groom want: candid vs very posed, if they are comfortable shooting in front of others or like to be secluded, and just the vibe each couple wants. I know my editing style is consistent but I will tailor the amount of candids or close portraits to the couple. Some couples want tons of family photos at the church and others just want one. There is no real baseline other than getting to know your couples and giving them the best experience possible. I try to meet twice in person with each couple, and touch base a few times-- and I always follow them on social media and get more ideas for photos. Like if they really love their dog-- I am showcasing that cutie pooch on the wedding day if possible! I think its really important to just be their for your Bride + Groom! It will also feel natural for you (no forcing jokes, but I will throw out my crazy loud fake laugh to make everyone laugh)! Check out these moments from a wedding that I second shot with LZ Photography at the State House-- which ps Im obsessed with shooting there! Check them out below: