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happy galentines

I wasn't quite ready to become a mother at the age of 23. I didn't plan it. I had no idea what kind of mother I planned on being. I remember being very pregnant crying on Valentines day thinking I  would never enjoy one of my favorite holidays again- feeling lonely, desperately sad. It was probably the lowest part of life for me. I think i was most sad because I wanted to feel loved and wanted to be excited about becoming a mother... and I wasn't. But then I had this little person less than a month later. It was like a scene from the Grinch-- my heart grew that many sizes. The night I brought her back from the hospital it was tears of joy that I could still feel great love like that. That I wasn't broken forever. AND guys I had many great Valentines since. It doesn't always have to be a holiday about your significant other. To me it's remembering to love others, make them feel loved. These girls sure make me feel loved. When they yell mommy when I walk through the door after being gone 15 minutes. Or when they want me to sing them a lullaby. Or when I pretend to get knocked down during pillow fights & they run to be by my side. They are forever my babies-- and my heart. Happy Galentines ladies!