Roxanna Sue Photos


Classic Fall Wedding

I had never shot at Kenyon before and it sure delivered! Everything about this wedding was classic beauty and I squealed multiple times at all the pretty details and special moments (and yes I cried during a dance or two). I kind of wonder why i consider myself not super emotional but yet I cry at every single wedding. Like every single one. Totally emotional girl right here. 

I also wanted to mention a few things about my week since its almost the weekend: I started using a new interface for organizing my schedule + books and Honeybook is amazing you guys! If you're looking for something with contracts, streamline emails, and organizing tools its the best!! I  met with so many awesome brides the last month and IM SO EXCITED for all the awesome opportunities coming up. I'm looking forward to some free time with my husband and family this weekend too: we had a HUGE HALLOWEEN celebration planned but the weather made us call it off so we're spending some quality time together and I'm totally fine with the way it turned out. Now my question to you is should I take a few more photo sessions Sunday or take it off? I'm caught up on editing so I honestly could take a few more fall families/seniors.... any interest PM me :)