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christmas spirit + santa struggles

Christmas is upon us & as Americans we are bombarded with constant shovels of stuff we just need to buy. I should add the branding for target is absolutely genius! When I walk in there, I suddenly "need" it all. But let's be honest, I don't remember very many gifts that I got as a child. I remember the traditions we carried on and the magic of Santa. So as an adult I love seeing their faces light up with just walking through Christmas lights & how much I enjoy a good wine with the husband in front of the fire. 

The truth is we put so much stress on ourselves to be enough. Well loving one another is enough. Caring about people definitely makes you enough. Even though I'll forever love that my husband wants me to unwrap something Christmas morning and watching Die Hard puts me in the Christmas spirit. I don't really need to wrap beautiful gifts for every single person I know & we don't need to attend every party or every light show. The kids really like stacking one cookie sky high with homemade sugar icing-- they don't care to make 100. I put all that on myself. This year I decided okay, the teachers will just get a great end of year gift. And I'll send a thanksgiving card instead of a Christmas one. And you know what my sessions will take a couple weeks to edit instead of a couple days. I had to leave time for my family. 

I ended up getting way more done without feeling like I didn't do enough. I actually felt accomplished. And I'm so excited to just be present with my family tomorrow. Plus my mom and I will be cooking a bomb meal for everyone and I got all the wine for hanging out. I'm pretty excited if you can't tell. Santa's magic will touch our home tonight and it'll be lovely. (I'm still going to pray for snow!) Happy HOLIDAYS from the COOPER FAMILY!

Ps PJs in bed make for the cutest photo gifts. I can't wait to see everyone tomorrow and give them some cute personalized gifts!