Roxanna Sue Photos


Why In Home Sessions are so special

It's obvious to those who have had an in home session why they matter so much. But for those who have never tried one, it may sound silly. Why would you want to hang photos in your home of you at your home? I'm going to explain: For one, you act the most natural. I get the best lifestyle stuff of people just living in their own homes. The most natural laughs, most natural smiles, most genuine cuddles. I think this is true even mores for kids. They love showing me their room, and they are so proud of showing me their flips and twirls to their own music at home. Number two-- you aren't going to just print photos for your home. You will certainly send them to close friends and family and like I said there is nothing more natural that they love to see. Third, your home can change. I love that even if I move or I rearrange the rooms it's forever captured like it is when they are tiny, or before the kids came to destroy it. And lastly, you'll get tons of photos with no mess in it. Usually people are scared people will judge their home. But no-one ever does. We all have that messy corner with clothes stacked up. Parents have toys exploding from that closet. Capturing no mess to send out on a card can totally happen--- and capturing the lovely messy parts are great memories I promise!