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Meet the Cooper Kids

Since its Thanksgiving tomorrow I thought it made the most sense to finally introduce my two crazy girls that I love so much. Josephine is my oldest and always known as the red head. She's sensitive but oh so sweet. I think of her as just this gentle soul. I'm almost so thankful for her seriousness mixed with awareness. I think she slept through the night at 6 weeks old-- literally your dream baby. I feel like she'll be this wise old owl type as an adult. 

Now Louisa is a different beast. She's definitely got a determination to do things on her own. A free spirit type. Her laugh is infectious to everyone and she pretty much lacks self restraint (but all two year olds do right!).

I think as parents we tell ourselves we need to do a million things to be that perfect parent. It's like you have to remind yourself not to compare yourself to the mom at the PTO meeting or the mom who did the cutest goody bags. There's things we are all good at and we should just celebrate the stuff that makes us US. I hope my kids feel that from me most. That I want them to be THEM and they have special gifts too. 

So tomorrow when you head off to see family for the day--- enjoy the ones you've missed seeing, hug all those kiddos and tell them they are amazing, and just drink some wine while you hear from someone who drives you bonkers. That's what family is for sometimes. Happy Thanksgiving!