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Moving on to the month of THANKSGIVING

As we move on to November, I really had to kick my candy addiction. I started November 1st with a BANG and went to hot yoga. And yes, it was so hot! If you haven't tried a hot yoga class-- don't! I'm only trying to save you from another addiction. But if you do want to give it a go, try Go Yoga in Worthington and come sit by me. You'll probably get a good laugh at the very least.  Every day of November I'm going to be accountable and post Instagram stories of whatever "workout" I do that day. I'm super excited to get back into my love of fitness. It's been awhile! But hey, I've made it two out of two so far (YAY)!

I also need to chat with you about how I've never been a Thanksgiving fan. It's weird because I love all those foods. But cooking has always been scary to me-- this is my first year I've been rolling out tons of edible dinners. And I also think we should be thankful all year; and if a holiday reminds everyone I like that too. So this year I'll be making a homemade pie and a turkey and hopefully throwing a FRIENDSgiving too! I can't wait to send out our Thanksgiving card too... (the kids are super cute on it y'all!)

I also just LOVE all these fall families. These photos are so Phoenix. My daughter attends gymnastics with him and they are too cute. And his mama is Russian-- how cool is that? Ohio you bring the most interesting people together. I want to hang out and be besties, aren't they so dang adorable.