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Fall sessions but first let's talk about UNITED!

While I upload these gorgeous families photos onto this blog I am also writing a packing list (yes I write tons of lists) for my United Photo Conference in less than two weeks. You guys I'm going to the desert to learn, grow, and photograph gorgeous sessions! I'm just screaming of excitement in my head. First of all to have a husband that supports that growth financially and physically (I'll be gone for more than a weekend!) is a huge blessing. And then to have a mom who can take off work and help watch our kids is a pretty big deal. I think its so important to focus on your craft but sometimes its hard when you're doing 2 million things with two kids, being in the military and 2 small businesses. (I can't help but volunteer for everything. It's a problem sometimes.) 

But it's my time for photography and it was my goal for 2016-- to attend some sort of photography workshop. And this one is going to be amazing! I can't wait to share more of my adventure to Arizona! 

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