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Baby Blessings

It is safe to say everyone has off days. My husband would probably admit I have far more than anyone else knows. I also might mention I have a ton of issues sleeping and started having back issues to add to the list of ailments that I finally made myself go see my doctor for. Long story short, my back issues are most likely due to the fact that I basically stopped working out 5 days a week back in June and quit eating healthy. And when your doctor tells you to get your butt back in the gym it's a smack in the face.

So you would guess I went back to the gym-- no I came home and ordered pizza. I sulked mostly and avoided doing much. I actually turned it into an off week. I got a little grumpy with all the loving, helpful people around me. Even as I'm writing this I'm a little embarrassed of how I've acted. I guess writing things down really makes you see a wider scope right?

I decided I needed to just spend some time with my kids. Get my mind right before delving into clean eating and 6am gym wake up calls. So today I quit life and didn't even get dressed. I hadn't even planned on editing a single photo. While playing with my youngest daughter, Emily and Jason flashed into my memory. This couple who had been trying to get pregnant for a very long time. And she finally had-- but she wanted to surprise him. So we told Jason that I was doing a couples project having both couples write what they loved most about each other. Except when he turned around he would read something else:

I have a huge smile on looking at these photos. It's easy to see why. (PS they are having a girl! Yay girls!) So now I'll eat my pizza and relax with my family-- and plan my attack on tomorrow! Thank God for baby blessings and tomorrows.