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Forever Friends

There has been a few times in my life that I've met someone and instantly knew I'd know them forever. Lisa and Chuck are those kind of people. You fall in love with their family. They just do life right in so many aspects. 

I started off babysitting their kids far too many years ago.. they literally found me through an online babysitting service. We stayed in touch-- And I love all their real life posts. It's like when Im struggling with marriage she'll post some epiphany that completely applies to my life. And when the kids are driving me nuts she'll say something so encouraging about motherhood. I don't even know if they realize what great parents they are. I truly am honored by the example you both set. (I also can't wait till your kids are babysitting mine!) 

Making friendships last is no easy feat and some things I've learned along the way are: 
1. Know Yourself, which should always be step one. 
2. Always be kind, it matters how you treat everyone.
3. Be genuine, friendships are built on honesty.