Roxanna Sue Photos


It's Launch Day!

I never ever once dreamed I would do something creative. I never thought I was creative. I honestly still sometimes wonder if I think like a creative does. But then again, I'm a whole bunch of opposites married together. Military and photography. Kids before marriage and traditional housewife. Tattooed island girl and winter loving conservative. I'm sure you're now wondering how I could put together one cohesive brand for my new photography business. Well here's the secret-- I enlisted help. I found a website branding coach (thanks Susie Marie!) and then made tons of lists and asked my friends and family questions about myself and my photography. I showed strangers at the play cafe my kids visit what they thought of my photos. I got tons of criticism and I set to work making more lists. (Obviously I love lists.)

Then, after weeks of thoughtful work I changed my business name to Roxanna Sue Photos and launched this website! I did it! I found my voice in a sea of sound. I haven't been this proud of my work before so you'll see me gushing over my gorgeous couples, super fun families, and beautiful seniors pretty often. I love being a mother so I love adding wife & mommy tidbits too. But as a photographer my goal is to capture your wedding, your family, your events, and your comfy at home moments. All together i'm committed to your love story, whatever that may be. I can't wait to hear, meet, collaborate, or photograph your story!